Empowering Diversity & Building Success, Through Trusted Business Connections

 Welcome to TSMSDC, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to connecting minority-owned businesses with major purchasers through its curated events, programs, and activities designed to foster meaningful business relationships and opportunities.


Unlock Doors Of Opportunity Through Certification

Certification is the key to success for minority-owned businesses. It opens doors to new markets, resources, and partnerships, propelling growth, profitability and success. Begin your MBE growth journey today by starting the certification process, the essential foundation to partnering with corporate members.

  • Access to corporate procurement officials and contracts
  • Opportunities to network with major purchasers
  • Resources to enhance your business skills and knowledge

Turn new contacts into contracts. Certification showcases credibility, enhances competitiveness, and attracts major purchasers.


Building Business Capacity: Programs and Activities Created To Support Entrepreneurs

TSMSDC creates opportunities and fosters growth through a variety of programs and networking events that connect minority business enterprises (MBEs) with key resources and corporate partners. We offer education, access to capital, and technical assistance to empower MBEs and uplift their communities, enhancing their entrepreneurial success.


Facilitating Partnerships Between MBEs and Major Purchasers to Enhance business Growth and Success.

TSMSDC is dedicated to bridging the gap between certified minority-owned businesses and major purchasers. Through our extensive network and resources, we facilitate valuable connections that lead to business opportunities and growth.


Promoting Supplier Diversity for Business Success

At TSMSDC, we believe in the power of supplier diversity. Facilitating equitable opportunities for certified MBEs to join the business ecosystem is key to propelling our nation forward. By connecting certified minority-owned businesses (MBEs) with major purchasers, we create opportunities for growth and success. Join us in advocating for the value of supplier diversity and building a stronger business community.


Innovate Your Business with TSMSDC Membership

Joining TSMSDC provides you with exclusive networking opportunities, valuable education resources, and dedicated support to help your minority-owned business thrive.

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