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Our national network, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), offers Corporate Members access to a database of more than 17,000 certified minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs) and conversely certified MBEs have access to over 1,700 corporations nationwide.

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TSMSDC welcomes all corporations interested in becoming a Corporate Member. We offer assistance in establishing and enhancing your corporate diversity programs – in addition to providing access to hundreds of certified minority owned businesses.

Empowering Corporations to Enhance Supplier Diversity Programs


TSMSDC provides comprehensive support and resources to help corporations strengthen and expand their supplier diversity programs. From certification assistance to connecting with certified minority-owned businesses, we are dedicated to fostering inclusive procurement opportunities.

Certification Support

We assist corporations in certifying minority-owned businesses, ensuring only qualified and quality businesses become certified.

Business Connections

We facilitate connections that count among corporations and certified MBEs, fostering supplier diversity business relationships.

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Success Stories: How Corporations Benefit from Partnering with TSMSDC

Richard Manson, President and General Counsel, of SourceMark, LLC, attributes the growth of his company to the TriState Minority Supplier Development Council (TSMSDC).  With a business relationship though the council that dates back to 2005, the company has grown to become one of the largest minority-owned businesses in the region offering innovative solutions as a master supplier for hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, and physician offices throughout the United States.  In 2009,  they secured the first contract to sell medical devices to HealthTrust HCA members, due to the direct involvement with TSMSDC.

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Explore opportunities to improve your leadership abilities, learn from experienced business leaders, and gain valuable insights on how to motivate and inspire your team.

Connect with Certified Minority Businesses

At TSMSDC events, we connect corporations with certified minority businesses, promoting supplier diversity and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the MBE certification process, requirements, and benefits.

Supplier diversity is a proactive business strategy of incorporating diverse-owned businesses, suppliers and vendors into a company’s supply chain and business practices. Diverse-owned businesses are companies that are at least 51% owned and operated by members of ethnic minority groups, women, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities. It is vital for driving innovation, expanding into new markets and fostering a more equitable business climate. It’s also a meaningful tool for economic growth and job creation—especially in often-overlooked communities.  Diverse suppliers – and businesses interested in working with them—can find additional content to inform and inspire their pursuit of mutually beneficial partnerships for success.

Access to an enhanced online database of all NMSDC-certified MBEs, decreasing your time to source new suppliers.

  • Access to an enhanced online database of all NMSDC-certified MBEs, decreasing your time to source new suppliers
  • Membership in NMSDC industry groups to keep tabs on industry trends that may affect your industry and corporation
  •  Annual Conference Exchange, Workshops, Lunch and Reception
  • Sponsorship, exhibition, and advertising opportunities at signature events to showcase your programs
  • Access to other NMSDC programs such as Centers of Excellence, and the Business Consortium Fund 
  • Access to referrals of high-growth MBEs who have a proven track record of scaling for national and global contracts
  • Access to networking opportunities
  • Assistance and support in marketing requests for proposals/bid opportunities, events, and corporate news/awards
  • MBE referrals and/or introductions
  • Annual Mini-Matchmaker event to connect with MBEs based on the sourcing for upcoming needs of major purchasers
  • Complimentary publications:  Weekly Community News Bulletin, Monthly Talking News in the footprint of three states – Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, Raising the Br Mini-Series featuring major corporate members 

By joining hundreds of NMSDC corporate members, your company becomes an integral part of shaping the global supply diversity landscape in a national network. It’s been proven that a more qualified and inclusive workforce leads to improve market share and reduced operating costs — a win-win scenario from top to bottom.  Involvement increases the ROI from minority business development and corporate economic development efforts in the community where you do business.

Corporate membership offers the following benefits:

  • MBE referrals and introductions:  Matching MBEs to corporations that have procurement and business opportunities  
  • Supplier Diversity Opportunities: NMSDC connects minority business enterprises (MBEs) to contracts, capital, education, and other MBEs. It’s a platform where you can explore business opportunities, collaborate, and grow your network
  • Best Practices:  Providing industry specific benchmarking and best practices in supplier diversity  
  • Educational Programs: As a member, you’ll have access to educational resources, workshops, and training programs that can help you develop essential business skills and stay competitive
  • Networking Opportunities:  NMSDC and regional councils hosts events like the Annual Conference & Exchange, where you can connect, learn, and build relationships with other industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs
  • Assistance in developing and or improving your supplier diversity program: Establishing an internal supplier diversity program and process that aligns

Certainly! The network has been actively involved in setting up and expanding supplier diversity programs for over 50 years. Our  mission is to ensure a diverse supplier base participates in the procurement process1. Through partnerships with external organizations, they drive innovation, create positive economic impact, and advance underrepresented groups. It is a reliable resource that can assist corporations in developing, marketing, and enhancing their minority business development program in a productive and efficient manner. 

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) focuses on promoting supplier diversity and development. While specific Return on Investment (ROI) figures may vary, the TSMSDC’s initiatives aim to create economic equity by accelerating revenue, wealth, and opportunity for minority-owned businesses. The NMSDC  goal is to generate $1 trillion in certified minority business enterprise (MBE) revenue.  As a network supporter, organizations can increase engagement and contribute to this economic transformation/revolution. TSMSDC is expanding and doing exciting things to help its corporate members. It serves as pioneers in helping to develop and scale MBE suppliers.  We take the grounds-up approach which consists of one-on-one connections with corporate partners and MBE suppliers.   

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